Parc Taulí incorporates the respected caesarean section in childbirth care

Parc Taulí incorporates the respected caesarean section in childbirth care 1080 721 Parc Taulí current affairs

The team of professionals from the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service (GiO) at Parc Taulí, a pioneer in the recovery of natural care for normal childbirth, works for continuous improvement in the care provided to all women and their families during the pregnancy and childbirth process. In this context, the GiO Service has incorporated the caesarean section respected as part of the humanization program for childbirth care when this must be by caesarean section.

In this type of caesarean section, the woman can choose key aspects of her baby's birth that until now were only contemplated in vaginal births. Thus, in the respected caesarean section, the woman she can decide if she wants to see the baby come out, if she wants to be the one to take the baby out, if she wants to have him at her breast immediately and for how long, if she wants her companion to cut the umbilical cord, if she wants a dim light or special music, among others.  It is an option with safety guarantees for both the mother and the baby, it favors the mother-baby bond and breastfeeding.

The option of choosing a respected caesarean section is aimed at women (over the age of majority) with a full-term and singleton pregnancy who must have the child by caesarean section, either on a scheduled basis or during the course of the birth.

In 2021 at Parc Taulí we attended 2.029 births, of which 81,4% were vaginal and 18,6% were cesarean. 10% of the total were natural births (without anesthesia).

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