Dr. Ma. Jesús Laso will receive one of the Professional Excellence Awards given by the Official College of Doctors of Barcelona (COMB)

Dr. Ma. Jesús Laso will receive one of the Professional Excellence Awards given by the Official College of Doctors of Barcelona (COMB) 800 427 Parc Taulí current affairs

Dr. Ma. Jesús Laso, assistant doctor at the Parc Taulí Anesthesiology Service, will this year receive one of the Professional Excellence Awards that the Official College of Doctors of Barcelona (COMB) awards to professionals from different areas of care throughout the territory "who have stood out during the year for their excellence, for their professional career, honesty, commitment, altruism and integrity".

Dr. Laso has spent her entire professional life linked to Parc Taulí, where she also trained as a specialist, which is why she is one of the Service's most veteran professionals. Beyond the care work, she is also coordinator of the area of ​​resuscitation, tutor of residents and coordinator of the Working Group Patient Blood Management (PBM), a quality standard that works on strategies to improve the management of blood that is transfer to patients.

From the COMB they point out that this is a moral recognition, which does not involve any financial remuneration "in which the values ​​of medical professionalism are underlined in various areas, in order to be able to recognize leadership and excellence in colleagues who thus become benchmarks for the profession as a whole". Faced with this, Dra. Laso has expressed that she feels "honoured, based on the fact that I have always been another doctor at our service".

The Professional Excellence Awards have been given since 2004 and are awarded in the fields of hospital medicine, primary care, public and mental health, socio-health care, biomedical research, medical education and the medical humanities. In previous editions, other professionals from Parc Taulí have also received this recognition from the COMB. The last ones were Dra. Pepi Rivera and the care team of the Occupational Risk Prevention Service (2019), Dr. Eugeni Saigí (2017), Dr. Salvador Navarro (2016) and Dr. Jordi Antoni and Dr. Carmen Colilles (2015).

The award ceremony for this year's edition will take place on Monday 28 November at the AXA Auditorium in Barcelona.

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