The 'Sabadell Corre pels Nens i Nenes 2023' Race will be held for the benefit of the humanization of the Child and Youth Mental Health spaces in Parc Taulí

The 'Sabadell Corre pels Nens i Nenes 2023' Race will be held for the benefit of the humanization of the Child and Youth Mental Health spaces in Parc Taulí 1024 768 Parc Taulí current affairs

The solidarity race 'Sabadell Runs for Boys and Girls' returns on Sunday 21 May 2023 in its sixth edition. This was announced today at the presentation press conference held at Parc Taulí, which was attended by the mayor of Sabadell, Marta Farrés, the president of Parc Taulí, Dolors Costa, and the general manager, Anna Aran , the Race organizer and promoter of 'Sabadell Corre pels Nens i Nenes', Toni Valverde, and the head of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Area, Montserrat Pàmias.

The president of Parc Taulí, Dolors Costa, has expressed her gratitude to the race organizer and the volunteers, wishing "let it be a success of participation as in previous editions". The organizer of the race, Toni Valverde explained that "the proceeds from this year's charity run will go towards the structural improvement of the mental health care spaces for children and young users of the Parc Taulí facilities in order to improve the comfort of patients and the their families".

For her part, Dra. Montserrat Pàmias has expressed her satisfaction that the purpose of the race is to humanize psychiatric facilities, emphasizing that "we have to make boys and girls feel more comfortable; offer pleasant environments for young people and a good welcome for families". Each year, 200 hospitalized children are discharged in the psychiatric area, 1.800 first visits and around 30.000 annual follow-up visits are attended to.

The general director of Parc Taulí Anna Aran has assured that "these initiatives help raise awareness". In this regard, he recalled that "our institution is a benchmark in the treatment of diseases related to mental health". Aran also recalled that this year Parc Taulí will have its first resident in the specialty of child/youth mental health.

Following this line, the mayor of Sabadell, Marta Farrés, closed the presentation by reminding that "from the administrations we have to focus on health. An incredible commitment towards society and children". That's why he highlighted citizens' initiatives, such as the Solidarity Festival, which strengthen the city and reinforce social policies.

As in previous editions, the day of the call will be a great children's and family party with many activities that will take place in the different spaces of the Parc Taulí, where the start and finish of the race will take place, which can be done running, walking or in a wheelchair. Online registration is now open at

The five previous editions of this race have always broken record entries, and have already raised more than 138.000 euros, which have been allocated to different charity projects, always linked to children.

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