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Welcome and farewell to the residents of Parc Taulí

Welcome and farewell to the residents of Parc Taulí 1000 563 Parc Taulí current affairs

Parc Taulí hosted today the welcome ceremony for the 75 residents who are starting their training at our institution and the farewell for the 59 who have completed it.

At the welcome ceremony held in the Auditorium, the president of Parc Taulí, Dolors Costa, expressed her satisfaction at receiving the new graduates today: "Parc Taulí is now your home. I invite you to enjoy this opportunity to train alongside very talented professionals, to offer the best service to our users". The president thanked the graduates who chose the Corporation for their healthcare training as specialists in 36 different specialties.

The Director of Teaching, Pepi Rivera, explained the teaching model of the Corporation, emphasizing that "we work for teaching as a collective project to generate and transmit knowledge and to improve the health of the population"During her intervention throughout the event, Dra. Rivera has put a lot of emphasis on advising the attendees to maintain their values ​​throughout their educational career.

During the day, managers from various fields participated to offer attendees a global vision of the Corporation from the aspects of human resources, prevention, assistance, digital transformation, quality, teaching, research, patient participation and experience, and communication.

In the farewell event, moderated by Dra. Rivera, Àlex Mayer, doctor, and Ana Gil, nurse, have participated, who have explained their personal experiences after completing their training which coincided with the complicated stage of the covid pandemic"These five years of training have helped us learn a lot about medicine, and also the human character that permeates everything", explained Mayer. For Ana Gil, to train outside her community "It's been a challenge, I feel well trained and proud of them nurses I've had by my side who have helped me along this path".

Afterwards, the Director of Strategy and Organization, Pedro Cano, based his presentation on technological innovation and the improvement of the care process, emphasizing that "digital transformation is not just about technology, it is necessary to imagine our activity in a human way and this means a cultural change".

Likewise, the director general of Parc Taulí, Anna Aran, has focused her intervention on teaching, research and innovation as a stimulus for attendance, pointing out that "to be able to do research and to innovate, we must observe and ask questions, we must learn to have a critical spirit".

The event ended with the recognition of all the professionals who are leaving the institution and those who are now starting their specialized training.

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