Parc Taulí is betting on artificial intelligence (AI) in the management of the Emergency Service

Parc Taulí is betting on artificial intelligence (AI) in the management of the Emergency Service 1024 576 Parc Taulí current affairs
  • The nursing department is leading the new Advanced Resolution Care Unit (ARA) that manages low-complexity urgent demand with the support of a tool based on artificial intelligence (AI)


  • Patients who have been treated by the ARA highlight the good functioning and speed of assistance


The parc Taulí has ​​created a new unit in the Emergency Service: the Advanced Resolution Care Unit (ARA), made up of nurses and supported by artificial intelligence software. With this new tool, the nursing team guides and treats patients with low-complexity and high-incidence pathologies such as: neck pains, ankle sprains, urinary infections, vertigo, among others; significantly reducing waiting times without losing the quality and safety of healthcare. 

Mediktor is the developer of the software used by the ARA Unit and which has been adapted specifically for this project in collaboration with the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT). Your symptom assessor, the most accurate for triage and clinically proven prediagnosis, offers the right support when making decisions in an organized, fast and effective way. 

The nursing staff of the ARA Unit, previously trained, begin patient assistance through the software integrated into the Parc Taulí computer system. Through questions aimed at the particular case of each case, the nursing team obtains a list of possible diseases that can be confirmed or ruled out through complementary tests. Finally, the relevant treatments will be prescribed, according to protocols defined by the hospital professionals themselves. The nursing staff is in charge of confirming the final diagnosis and generating the care report. There is always a referral medical professional available assigned in the Unit. The care report obtained is attached to each patient's clinical history automatically.

As Elisabet Vives, Head of Nursing at the Emergency Department, points out, "the incorporation of the ARA Unit is a significant step forward for the assistance of patients who come to the Emergency Department, as it involves the integration of a new care level in which nurses, with advanced skills, with the support of an artificial intelligence software, respond to queries of low complexity". Vives adds that "this system has a high level of resolution, which makes it possible to reduce the waiting time for assistance and, at the same time, improve the patient's experience. The ARA Unit is very relevant to make the nurses of the Emergency Department visible and their competence development, as well as for the integration of artificial intelligence in a process of the health system".

Every year, more than 130.000 patients go to the Emergency Department of Parc Taulí. The ARA unit is a commitment to a hybrid model that empowers nursing staff with the help of artificial intelligence software. It involves the implementation of an innovative care process, in which it is possible to treat pathologies of low complexity and high frequency.

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  • Maria Angeles Alvarez

    If I know that this service exists, I've been there since September they discovered blood in my stool, and until July 7th they haven't scheduled it for me, a little more and it's a year later, they forgive me for the inconvenience, but that's it I vented

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