El Parc Taulí opens a new space for external consultations and the pediatric day hospital

El Parc Taulí opens a new space for external consultations and the pediatric day hospital 1000 750 Parc Taulí current affairs

Parc Taulí opened this morning the new space for external consultations and the pediatric day hospital. Now, pediatric care will be provided in a space dedicated solely to the assistance of children and adolescents, located next to the Ambulatory Surgical Center (CQA) and the Child Development and Early Care Center (CDIAP).


The new 1.200m2 space, dedicated to pediatric outpatient care, will have 35 consulting rooms, during the first days 27 will be in operation. The day hospital will have 5 rooms and a shared room with 6 individual areas where different diagnostic tests will be performed and therapeutics.


This change of location is part of Parc Taulí's strategic plan to improve assistance to patients and position the hospital as a specialized and reference center in pediatrics in Catalonia.


The director of the pediatric medicine service, Luís Renter, highlighted "exclusive use for pediatric care” of the new facilities. "We take a step further to differentiate pediatric and adult spaces to improve assistance and the environment, both for children and their families, and for professionals", he insisted.

In these new consultations, some of the complex chronic pediatric patients will also be treated. As well as visits by the pediatric nursing and nutritional and diabetes education team.


Parc Taulí has ​​different pediatric specialties that will be visited in this new space: pediatric surgery, genetics, pulmonology and allergology, neurology, gastroenterology and hepatology, endocrinology, cardiology, rheumatology, infectology, hematology, and nephrology.

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