Dr. Virginia Soria, new director of the Adult Psychiatry Service at Parc Taulí

Virginia Soria, new director of the Adult Psychiatry Service at Parc Taulí

Virginia Soria, new director of the Adult Psychiatry Service at Parc Taulí 1000 667 Parc Taulí current affairs

The creation of a new Adult Mental Health Service at Parc Taulí has ​​made possible the incorporation of Dra. Virginia Soria as director of the community and adult psychiatric hospitalization areas.

The Adult Mental Health Service is taking the first step in the new Parc Taulí Mental Health organization that will be completed with the creation of a new Child and Youth Mental Health Service, which will also have a new director. Parc Taulí Mental Health, with the integrated direction of Dr. Diego Palao, is significantly strengthened to continue offering quality and continuous care throughout the life of the patient and their families, from childhood to adulthood and old age.

Dr. Virgina Soria is a psychiatrist with a long career. He has been for 23 years at the Bellvitge University Hospital where he has combined his healthcare work with teaching at the University of Barcelona and research at the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) on aspects related to the neurobiology of behavior and serious mental disorders.

El Parc Taulí is a reference center for its Mental Health Service, where a multidisciplinary team of great professionals works to offer high-quality assistance. Salut Mental Parc Taulí is growing like the entire hospital center. In accordance with the corporate strategy, it works to incorporate the best professionals and create the optimal working conditions to care for people with mental health problems. This is why, last June, the new mental health area for adults in the Emergency Department came into operation, which has substantially improved the care spaces.

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