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Parc Taulí joins the selection centers for breast milk donors

Parc Taulí joins the selection centers for breast milk donors 1000 750 Parc Taulí current affairs

From this Monday, October 23, all lactating women who have their baby admitted to Parc Taulí or women who have been mothers at Parc Taulí will be able to donate breast milk at the hospital center.

Parc Taulí has ​​become a center of reference for the donation of breast milk to improve the quality of care for newborns and their families. Although since 2014 the Neonatology Unit already introduced bank breast milk for newborns born before week 32 or with less than 1.500 g, newborns with intestinal malformations or serious pathologies, to avoid serious diseases such as necrotizing enterocolitis, in situations where the mother did not have enough milk production for the needs of the baby.

The coordinator of the Neonatology Unit and Neonatal ICU, Mònica Domingo, explained that "with the introduction of exclusive breast milk, from the mother's own milk or from a donor, to premature infants, the number of babies suffering from enterocolitis, a disease that can be fatal, was reduced to almost zero".

Breast milk is the best food a baby can receive, as it contains proteins, antibodies and fats that guarantee growth and protect the infant from the most common diseases. It is also beneficial for the baby's neurological and visual development.

Faced with these facts, a year ago the Neonatology Unit of the Parc Taulí began the procedures with the Mother's Milk Bank in order to be a selected center for breast milk donors.

In order to have this certification, three nurses from the Neonatology Unit have been trained at the Mother's Milk Bank to be references and communication links with families. Sandra Liria, reference nurse at the Milk Bank, has explained that with this change they expect breast milk donations to increase because "la donation will be much easier. Women will not have to travel to other centers".


How can you be a breast milk donor?

First of all, to be a breast milk donor you must be over 18 years old, not smoke and have healthy habits, and it is recommended to have well established breastfeeding.

If these requirements are met, a visit should be arranged with a referring nurse for a brief interview. Then, an analysis is done and a sample of breast milk is taken for analysis. If everything is correct, within a week you will be able to start giving breast milk. The nurse will give the woman a kit with milk storage bags so she can start donating.

Women interested in becoming milk donors can send an email to or by calling 671.65.88.94.

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