Mental Health Cooperation Conference

I Conference on Mental Health and Cooperation

I Conference on Mental Health and Cooperation 1080 720 Parc Taulí current affairs

The Parc Taulí Auditorium hosted this morning the XNUMXst Mental Health and Cooperation Conference, organized by the Culture and Creation Art Workshop, where different experiences of community actions focused on mental health in the field of international cooperation in countries such as Senegal, Bluefields (Nicaragua) or with the Sahrawi people.

The care director of Parc Taulí, Rocío Cebrián, opened the day accompanied by the councilor for Health, Civil Rights and Youth of Sabadell City Council, Sílvia García, and the head of Child and Youth Mental Health at the hospital, Montse Pámias

Dr. Cebrián was very happy to host this day to learn about experiences in cooperation in mental health. And he remembered that "last year at Parc Taulí we started in this area of ​​collaboration and we have the will to continue to guarantee this closeness care".

For her part, the councilor for Health highlighted the collaboration between Sabadell City Council, Parc Taulí and Twinning to respond to the commitment of the city of Sabadell to the Sahrawi people.

The head of Child and Youth Mental Health, Montse Pàmias, has assured that "this day is very important to publicize collaboration and support for the most vulnerable populations in mental health"I "to continue fighting against destigmatization".

Then, the experiences of the mental health care professionals of Parc Taulí, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and the Therapeutic Community of Maresme in Senegal or Nicaragua were exchanged.

The Conference was closed by the director of the Mental Health Area of ​​Parc Taulí, Diego Palao who recalled that at Parc Taulí the professionals "we have a tradition of working with the community". And he assured that today's Conference on Mental Health and Cooperation was an opportunity to spread the work of professionals in the field of mental health.

Nearly a hundred people attended the day.

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