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Parc Taulí launches a web portal to attract new talent and to improve information for professionals with the institution

Parc Taulí launches a web portal to attract new talent and to improve information for professionals with the institution 1080 720 Parc Taulí current affairs

The Parc Taulí People's Area has launched its new job web portal work.tauli.cat.


This renovated space has been designed with the aim of being more accessible and attractive to attract new professionals to the institution. As well as, to be a quick and functional information tool for the workers of Parc Taulí.


This update of the portal follows the line of modernization and innovation of Parc Taulí, to adapt to the needs of professionals, and to improve the user's experience.


The new portal incorporates advanced filters to simplify searches, allowing faster access to professional offers that best match people's needs and expectations.

Also, color palettes have been implemented to indicate the status, expiration or updates of a job offer. For example, green for an active offer; yellow color when it is pending resolution and red color when the offer is closed. This new functionality will provide professionals with an instant view of available opportunities, streamlining the search and application process.


The director of Human Resources Management, Cristina Melero, has assured that "with this renovation, we will not only improve the interaction with the professionals of Parc Taulí; but we will also strengthen our prominent position in the labor market. Showing why Parc Taulí is the best option to work, through testimonials from our own professionals". The platform must serve “as a channel between professionals and opportunities; but, reflecting the internal talent and values ​​of the CSPT", added Melero.


The new Parc Taulí job web portal represents a significant step in the consolidation and positioning of the Taulí brand in the Catalan healthcare system.

Web Portal

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