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Open days, face-to-face and virtual, at Parc Taulí aimed at future residents

Open days, face-to-face and virtual, at Parc Taulí aimed at future residents 1080 665 Parc Taulí current affairs

The Parc Taulí Auditorium will host an Open Day on Friday, March 22, aimed at future residents interested in doing their Specialized Health Training at our institution. The Virtual Open Days will take place the week of March 11 to 15.

The aim of the day on March 22nd is to make future residents aware of the characteristics that Parc Taulí offers from a care, teaching and research point of view, while bringing them closer to the institution's facilities and its residents

The day will begin at 9.30am with a welcome by the Head of Studies and Director of Teaching, Pepi Rivera, who will present the Specialized Health Training that takes place at Parc Taulí. Afterwards, several round tables and guided tours with residents by specialty will take place.

Parc Taulí offers this year 72 places for training in 36 accredited specialties.

You can consult the triptych of the day here

All the information on the Open Doors Day, both face-to-face and virtual, in the Teaching web section 'Being a resident of Parc taulí'

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