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The Park Taulí designated Unit of Clinical Expertise in endocrine minority diseases

The Park Taulí designated Unit of Clinical Expertise in endocrine minority diseases 1080 810 Parc Taulí current affairs

Parc Taulí has ​​recently been designated as a clinical expertise unit (UEC) in adult and pediatric endocrine minority diseases, specifically in the areas of growth syndromes and genetic obesity (pediatric and adult age) and disorders of calcium and phosphate homeostasis (adulthood).

In this way, Parc Taulí will be one of the hospitals that will be part of this new Clinical Expertise Unit Network (XUEC) in minority endocrine diseases that Catalonia will have this year and that was announced by the Department of Health last month of February

The two coordinators of the UEC of endocrine minority diseases, Dra. Raquel Corripio, pediatric age, and Dr. Ismael Capel, adult, have very positively evaluated this designation which recognizes the work done during these years by a very well-coordinated multidisciplinary team to ensure a smooth transition of patients from pediatric age to adulthood.

Dr. Corripio emphasized that "this coordination is essential because 85% of diseases are detected in the pediatric age. Offering this personalized care, with a mixed healthcare team, pediatrics and adults, not only guarantees a correct transition; but it brings security and tranquility to patients and their environment. And we offer this at Parc Taulí".

With reference to Growth Syndromes and Genetic Obesity, Parc Taulí has ​​been treating patients with diseases such as Prader Willy syndrome or other genetic obesity, as well as growth disorders with a genetic basis, for more than 15 years. "We have a team with extensive care experience and who have participated in different trials and research groups", pointed out Dra. Corripio

On Disorders of calcium and phosphate homeostasis, Dr. Capel pointed out that "they are a very heterogeneous set of pathologies, where hypoparathyroidism is the most prevalent".

Both Dr. Corripio as Dr. Capel have highlighted the importance of joint work between the professionals of the UEC with the healthcare professionals of reference for these patients in the regional hospitals. "Routine checks can continue to be done with their close and trusted professionals. From Parc Taulí, we coordinate with them and monitor patients. In this way, we want to avoid unnecessary trips that could harm your quality of life", explained Dr. hat

With this new designation, Parc Taulí is now part of a total of five XUECs, after it also received accreditations in respiratory, adult and pediatric diseases in previous years; genetic-based cognitive-behavioral, in adulthood and pediatrics; in neuromuscular minority diseases, in adults; and in minority immune diseases: area of ​​systemic autoimmune diseases, both for adults and for the pediatric population.

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