Surveys, an essential tool to improve Parc Taulí

Surveys, an essential tool to improve Parc Taulí 1080 720 Parc Taulí current affairs

Parc Taulí has ​​been working for some time to improve the experience of hospitalized patients and their families. In order to be able to make these improvements, from the area of ​​patient experience and citizen participation, surveys are sent to patients to assess their stay.

The information obtained from these surveys is essential to be able to innovate and improve the provision of the health service in an open and collaborative way with the public.

"We want to include the patient's and their family's point of view to improve their stay at Parc Taulí, but also their clinic, because data shows that patients recover faster if they are comfortable in the hospital”, explains the head of patient experience and citizen participation, Victor Vergés.

The Patient Experience area is working on different projects to improve the hospital stay. At the moment, the 'Coma casa' project is underway in collaboration with the families of the babies admitted to the Neonatal Unit and Neonatal ICU to adapt the family room to be a multifunctional, comfortable space that offers the necessary amenities of the families during their long stay in the hospital.

The 'Improving rest at night' project is also underway, where noise reduction is being reviewed on all hospital floors, because it is a great demand from patients and relatives detected in surveys.

Although Víctor Vergés acknowledges that "there is some disaffection on the part of citizens to answer surveys, but they should know that it is very important to know their opinion to detect where and how we can improve". That's why it's "very important to answer them because it is their voice to make Parc Taulí better for everyone”, encourages Vergés.

During 2023, Parc Taulí sent around 255.000 surveys, of which more than 32.000 responses were received.

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