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The new family room of the Neonatal ICU is starting to take shape

The new family room of the Neonatal ICU is starting to take shape 1080 720 Parc Taulí current affairs

Last week, the first focus group was held to define the renovation of the Espai familias of the Neonatal ICU in Parc Taulí. Previously, a survey had been made to 150 families, inviting them to participate in this group.

The head of Patient Experience and Citizen Participation, Víctor Vergés, led the dynamic with families of children who had been admitted to the Neonatal Unit, to identify the unmet needs of the old space and begin to define how it should be this the new one.

Different profiles of families participated: some had spent a few days with their hospitalized babies and others many; different times of the year, summer or winter; residents in Sabadell or nearby or further afield; with or without siblings; twins... There was even a mother who, at the moment, has her baby admitted.

During the session, seven groups of needs were identified: Food/Cooking; Rest/Sleep; Leisure and Entertainment; Privacy/Intimacy; Telecommuting; Hygiene and Toilet; Space brothers and Other perceptions.

The dynamic was done with digital PostIts, through an application that was projected on a screen, showing the proposals in the form of PostIts that the participants were proposing and placing in the different sections of previously defined needs.

All the participating families insisted on the importance of having a multifunctional, comfortable and bright space to have the best possible stay, during the difficult situation of their baby's admission.

After this meeting, the next step will be to analyze all the contributions to start drawing up the requirements sheet for the space.

'Like home' is the Parc Taulí project in collaboration with the families of the babies admitted to the Neonatal Unit and Neonatal ICU, and civil society to improve the family room of the Neonatal ICU.

Parc Taulí is a highly complex hospital where every year there are around 2.000 births, of which 250 babies require admission to the Neonatal Unit.

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