New Short Stay Emergency Unit at Parc Taulí

New Short Stay Emergency Unit at Parc Taulí 1080 720 Parc Taulí current affairs

Parc Taulí has ​​completed the first phase of the new emergency room works with the new Short Stay Emergency Unit (UCEU).

The UCEU has an area of ​​1775m2, distributed in 20 rooms - 10 doubles and 10 singles - equipped with toilets and individual showers and an observation room with 16 beds, which are already in operation. The Head of Infrastructure, Jonathan Ortiz, emphasizes that it has been a work "very ambitious” and what it brings “great value” in Parc Taulí.

The Short Stay Unit in the Emergency Department will start operating next Tuesday, May 28 and will be a transitional space where patients treated will have a maximum stay of 72 hours. "That is, patients with scheduled tests or surgeries. It is the first time that at Parc Taulí we have individual rooms that will be used to accommodate patients with clinical reasons for isolation or end-of-life care, to guarantee a quiet space for the patient and relatives”, explains the director of the Emergency Service, Emili Gené.

The UCEU is a very wide space with lots of natural light, thanks to the three inner courtyards. "The qualities of this more humanized space are another example that at Parc Taulí we put the patient at the center, guaranteeing quality assistance for the patient and improving the working environment of the professionals”, explains the area head of the Emergency Nursing team, Israel Montoya.

With this new space, the first phase of the works on the new Urgencie del Parc Taulí, which currently add up to 2000m2 more, is completed. The investment in the works of the Short Stay Unit in the Emergency has been €4.6M, financed with the European REACT funds.

In this first phase of the works, the Emergency service has also been expanded with an observation room with 16 cubicles, in a quiet and comfortable environment of around 234m2, which went into operation last March.

Now, the process of awarding the works of the next phase will be opened, which will consist of the reform of the current adult and pediatric emergency rooms. They are expected to start at the end of the year and will last two and a half years.

The work on the Emergency Department is part of an ambitious project to transform the hospital by the Parc Taulí Health Consortium and Corporation and the Department of Health.

Parc Taulí is immersed in an ambitious project to expand the facilities that began with the Ripoll Building (with 196 beds). The latest actions have been the new endoscopy room; the new pediatric outpatient consultations in the Santa Fe building, the expansion and reform of the Intensive Care Unit (48 beds), the new surgical block (8 highly complex operating rooms), the Major Ambulatory Surgery operating room and the first phase of expansion of the Emergency Department (a new observation area).

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