I Jornada AP and AE

I Day of Primary Care and Specialized Care of Vallès Occidental Est

I Day of Primary Care and Specialized Care of Vallès Occidental Est 1000 667 Parc Taulí current affairs

Parc Taulí has ​​hosted the 1st Day of Primary Care and Specialized Care of Vallès Occidental Est where the model of the relationship between Primary and Community Care and Hospital Care in Catalonia has been reviewed, with the aim of create synergies and coordinated work dynamics between Primary Care (AP) and Specialized Care (AE) to promote continuity of care.


The President of Parc Taulí, Dolors Costa, welcomed the Conference; the manager of the MetroNord Health Region, Arturo Míguez; the Vallès Primary Care manager, Norma Henríquez; and the director general of Parc Taulí, Anna Aran.


They all agreed to highlight the importance of holding this day to generate confidence among care professionals to offer excellent care with the best continuity of care.


During the Conference, successful experiences in patient care in Catalonia such as the Single Window and more specific to Vallès Occidental Est were also presented, such as home hospitalization from the AP (HADAI); the early puerperium program; the Networked Sleep Unit or the ENT nurse consultation for hypoacusis study.


The second part of the Conference was focused on the exhibition of new successful experiences in Vallès Occidental Est, such as the diabetic retinopathy screening circuit; the Complex Care Project or the AP or AE-Clinical Hematology coordination; coordination AP and AE-Clinical Hemostasis or the Coordination Apo and AE-Rheumatology.


The keynote session was about the AP Post-UCI coordination project and ended with the conference 'Innovations based on value. An accelerator of coordination between care levels by Rossana Alesasndrello.


This First Day ended with the awarding of the I3PT Scholarship – Jordi Gol and Gurina2024 to the best coordination project between AP and AE. In this first edition, 11 projects were presented, and the winner was the coordination project between AP and AE for Complex Wounds at the VOCE, by Esther Soria of SAP Vallès Occidental and Xesco Zamora of Consorci Sanitari Parc Taulí.

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