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The CAT Foundation endorses the quality of Parc Taulí's Transfusion Service

The CAT Foundation endorses the quality of Parc Taulí's Transfusion Service 1080 720 Parc Taulí current affairs

Recently, Parc Taulí's Transfusion Service has achieved CAT accreditation. The CAT Program is the most useful and powerful tool available in Spain to guarantee the quality of blood transfusion, quality understood as effectiveness and safety for the patient and the blood donor. The verification process is subject to the ISO 17065 standard, which deserves the effort to be the highest ranking in international accreditation standards.

There is no blood bank accreditation program of such a high level as CAT in Europe. If the ISO 9001 Certification has a recognized prestige as a qualification of a quality system, and the Guide of the Council of Europe is the best European reference on transfusion standards. The CAT unites the methodology, the audits and the regulations that cover both the system and the product in a whole, subject to the ISO 17065 standard.

"It is a great recognition of the work of all the professionals who work in this service and a step forward for our center in continuous improvement and excellence", assure the director of the Clinical Laboratories Service, Dra. Luz Muñoz and the head of the Transfusion Service, Dra. Imma Roig

The Parc Taulí Transfusion Service is made up of a doctor specializing in Hematology and Hemotherapy, with a long professional career in the field of transfusion medicine; two specialist Laboratory technicians with specific training in this area, also has the support of the staff of the Emergency Laboratory, to guarantee the quality and safety of the entire conservation, distribution and transfusion process.

Parc Taulí transfuses approximately 8000 blood components annually.

Parc Taulí Laboratory

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