4th Master's edition: Artificial intelligence and Big Data in health

Parc Taulí Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

The so-called "P4 Medicine" (predictive, personalized, preventive and participatory), will be based on emerging technologies such as AI and the analysis of large amounts of data based on machine learning and computer vision.


Innovation and access to the Health System

Robert Fabregat, CEO of Biocat and coordinator of the Innovation Adoption Subcommittee, will present the roadmap to improve care for citizens based on innovation at the next session of the III Cycle of Scientific Conferences of the I3PT .

4th edition of the course '4 topics in osteoporosis'

Auditorium Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

New edition of the free course '4 topics in osteoporosis' in which the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and fragility fractures will be addressed

2nd Day of thrombotic pathology

Auditorium Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

In this multidisciplinary event, different aspects of thrombosis will be addressed, such as prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


Update Course in Rheumatology for family doctors

Telematic training that aims to learn about the advances in diagnostic methods and therapeutic innovations in some of the most prevalent diseases of the locomotor system

Course in pediatric allergy and pneumology

Auditorium Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

The aim of the course is to resolve the most frequent doubts about the most frequent allergic and pneumological pathology in our environment.


Conference Depression and suicide prevention: I choose life

Auditorium Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

Conference organized by Parc Taulí to review practical aspects of the detection and treatment of the different forms of depression and the risk of suicide in our environment, as well as aspects of innovative research.


Digital transformation in the field of Home Care

Griselda Manzano, head of the Home Care Service of the CSMS, will address at the last scientific conference of the year the benefits, challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation in the current and future home care model.

Day of emerging nurse care in emergency services

Auditorium Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

Conference dedicated to analyzing the current state and the future vision of emergency services, updating the knowledge of the most common pathologies with which a nursing professional encounters

Demo Day of the Bring It program

Auditorium Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

Closing ceremony of Bring It, the incubation program of the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT). The 9 finalist innovation projects will be presented to the public after months of preparation, training and maturation. ​​​​​​​​The innovative idea with the most potential of all will take home a prize of 25.000 euros.

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