II Workshop Translational Neuroscience Parc Taulí – InC-UAB

Auditorium Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

The Translational Neuroscience Unit was created in 2018 as a collaboration platform between clinical and basic researchers from the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) and the UAB Neuroscience Institute (INc-UAB ). It aims to deepen the knowledge of the neurobiological bases of neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders, and the identification of biomarkers applicable to the clinic.


BioForum Taulí: Biosimilars in perspective

Auditorium Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

Multidisciplinary meeting to discuss the present and future of the use of biosimilars, with representation from CSPT, CatSalut and UAB professionals. We will create, among the attendees, a space where experiences can be shared about the current and future use of biosimilars.

III Update on Fragile X Syndrome for professionals and families

Auditorium Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

The conference is aimed at healthcare staff and researchers, families and patients with FMR1 gene alteration, with the aim of updating the management of patients with SXF and patients with premutation in FMR1


European Workshop on Angelman Syndrome

Sabadell Fair Plaça de la Sardana, 7, Sabadell, Barcelona

The Parc Taulí team that works on the assistance and research of patients with Angelman Syndrome organizes a European workshop with the aim of improving the clinical and research approach

Course in pediatric allergy and pneumology

Auditorium Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

The aim of the course is to resolve the most frequent doubts about the most frequent allergic and pneumological pathology in our environment.

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