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Comprehensive care for the severely traumatic patient - 19th edition

Postgraduate Course 2021-2022 - Based on the importance of the continuum of care, and taking into account that optimal prehospital care for the severely traumatic patient compromises the success of the interventions of the later stages of the hospital, we want to assume the total care process for patients with severe trauma within the first 48 hours of health loss. This will be the axis on which the training of students during the course is based. READ MORE

Webinar SWITCH 30 + 30 - Psychoeducation in trans adolescents *

The overall goal of SWITCH is to promote compassionate services to adequately care for transgender and intersex people surviving violence, improving the skills of professionals in psychiatry, psychology, and social work. The aim of this webinar is to train transgender and intersex professionals and people to understand the reasons why violence is not reported. This awareness-raising process will result in a decrease in the under-registration rate and therefore the empowerment of victims. READ MORE

Training day in: Non-microcytic lung cancer

Free online training day. At the end of this day, the professional must be able to carry out a correct and up-to-date management of the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, as well as agree on the strategy and the optimal treatment plan, together with the other specialists. involved in multidisciplinary cancer treatment. READ MORE

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