Suffering from colorectal cancer predisposes to severe COVID-19 infection

The Mrisk-Covid study, carried out at Parc Taulí, reveals that among patients with colorectal cancer and Covid-19, 21% had the disease in a serious way, a fact that occurred in 9,4% of the population. total that were infected or had symptoms compatible with SARS-Cov2. The analysis was carried out with a sample of more than 14.280 patients with Covid or suspected of having detected it between the end of February and mid-June 2020. On World Colorectal Cancer Day, these results support the importance of the early detection of this type of cancer and therefore the importance of participating in screening programs. read more

The Guild of Manufacturers of Sabadell recognizes the health professionals of the Parc Taulí with the Wool Flakes 2020

The Guild of Manufacturers of Sabadell has delivered this morning the Recognitions Flakes of Wool 2020. The Guild has wanted to recognize the work of the sanitary personnel, the essential services, the volunteers, the textile companies and the media that have contributed to carry out the city ​​during the coronavirus pandemic. read more

"We do not make the Christmas table at the Hospital" - Joint manifesto of the three health entities of the Vallès Occidental

From the three health entities that provide services in the region of Vallès Occidental, MútuaTerrassa, Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa and Parc Taulí de Sabadell we call on our fellow citizens to help us so that no one has to make the Christmas table at the 'Hospital. read more

Parc Taulí, protagonist of the HBO documentary 'Vitals', a journey into the heart of the coronavirus crisis

The three-episode documentary series shot at Parc Taulí premieres on February 7 on HBO Spain and the rest of HBO Europe. Composed of three 50-minute episodes, the series has been directed by Fèlix Colomer (Sabadell, 1993) and produced by El Terrat and Forest Film Studios for HBO Europe. read more

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