Hospitalization at home

The hospital in your home
Nursing students are back
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It could be said that the History of Nursing, in our country, is full of challenges. The incorporation of this profession into the university meant a radical change in the training of its professionals: by creating new, more inclusive curricula (nursing men and women would study and practice together, until then they did…

Home Hospitalization is growing
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In the coming days we will do 21 years of continuous care as Home Hospitalization. Although for many of us it seems like it was yesterday when the management of our hospital opted for the creation of an alternative to conventional care, many things have happened in these years. Always ahead. Expanding services.

From professionals everywhere: "Mechanics"
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Among the professionals who joined our unit were: caregivers of patients with special needs admitted to the 4th floor of the hotel, firefighters of the Generalitat, computer scientists, pharmacy staff, reception administrators, security staff, kitchen and diet staff,… staff

From Home Hospitalization Professionals
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In less than 48 hours everything changed, a parenthesis appeared in our lives and everything stopped. Meetings with friends, holiday projects, family life, everything lost importance. They changed our working hours, they changed jobs creating a new space, they left…

Of new professionals coming to the HaD. La María
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Among the professionals who joined our unit as students, there was a group of nine medical graduates who were pending the award of MIR place to do specialty. They acted under the supervision of our Home Hospitalization doctors: Abel Mujal, Manolo Hernández and Joan…

Of new professionals coming to the HaD. Andrea
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Today I will introduce you to a young nurse who volunteered to work in our unit against COVID-19. In those days he was still a nursing student and eager to put into practice all the hours of training and practice he had carried out during the four years of…

Of new professionals coming to the HaD. Martha
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During the pandemic, the first to become infected were health professionals. Doctors and nurses who had been in front of the care units for many years and who were overwhelmed by a virus that caught us all unawares and with a significant lack of information about how it was spread. In a few days the…

Of life without funnels
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Isolation The first thing this pandemic brought us was barriers. Professionals lost their non-verbal language and patients were limited by barriers that made it difficult for them to interact with their relatives and everything around them. We began to hear the sick telling us “I know you”

Of the creation of circuits
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It is difficult to set up a health service. More if it has to be done in 48 hours, in the midst of a pandemic, with the pressure of making it easier for the Health System not to collapse and three kilometers from the base, which is the hospital. It is a great effort and it is very important to do it with a lot of common sense. Per…

The transition from Hotel Verdi to Acute Hospital with Home Hospitalization
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I want to start this article with a few words of thanks to our hosts on this adventure and state that without their support it would not have been possible to transform a hotel into a hospital. We have had, at all times, the support and warmth of the staff of the Hotel Verdi. We have been cared for and pampered in…

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