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Interview with the family d 'Agueda

Although they have been operating as an alternative to conventional hospitalization for two decades, there are patients who are frightened when they are offered to go home with Home Hospitalization. We find patients who confuse us with Palliative Care, some think they are so bad that they are sent home because they have no cure and then there are those who think we are the result of "cuts" made by politicians.

These stressful situations led to the creation of this blog to make us known to patients and their families.

So far we have talked about the beginnings and presented apart from the team, today we will give voice to a patient and her family.

Agueda was ill and spent two months in Hospitalization at Home instead of the conventional surgery unit.

At the time of HaD's discharge we asked her and her family to answer a small survey in order to reach out to all of you and remove fear or harm.

- What did you think when you were offered to be admitted to Home Hospitalization? (Sort them from first to last thing you thought):

- At first I thought my mother would be better off at home. But I was afraid of how everything would go. I thought that with the cuts they would send us home half-cured. They take us out of the hospital. My mom is worse and that’s why they send us home.

-Do you think it was positive for your mother to be admitted to HaD?

-Totally. Being able to be at home, in your "comfort zone" is very positive for your physical and emotional recovery. It also provides the family with all the logistical and support issues.

-What would you highlight about your passage through HaD?

- Super personal treatment, professionalism, friendly treatment, team experience and total control.

Do you think we are little known to the sick?

-Totally unknown. Knowledge of unity should be promoted among the user population. That is my opinion. In our case the whole family is doing it, we were surprised by the operation, coordination between team members and facilities to the patient and family. And whenever there is an opportunity we explain it.

-What would you say to someone who has never been admitted to HaD?

-Don't be afraid. Medication is all very controlled. All care, medication, home visits are facilitated to the maximum. And the human team is 11 out of 10. Very happy.



Eva A. Sánchez Martos

Degree in Nursing from the UAB. I have a Masters in Cardiology and another in Vascular Surgery from the UB. I have trained as a researcher in II.SICarlos III and have led many research projects such as the EMIRTHAD study on therapeutic non-compliance. For thirty years I have been improving as a nurse. Twenty years ago I helped the birth of Home Hospitalization in Parc Taulí.

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