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It is difficult to set up a health service. More if it has to be done in 48 hours, in the midst of a pandemic, with the pressure to make it easier for the Health System not to collapse and three kilometers from the base, which is the hospital.

It is a great effort and it is very important to do it with a lot of common sense. That's why we had a coordinator linked to the management of Sabadell Hospital and CatSalut and with a lot of experience. I'm talking about Elisenda Carrau. It could be said, in cinematic jargon, that it was a great facilitator, for all of us, and that it was at all times the link or rather the umbilical cord with "The System".

Everyone, from heads of service to the last professional incorporated in the Home Hospitalization Unit, did their part so that the new hospital could meet the care needs of the populations of the Vallès Occidental who depend on the Hospital Parc Taulí of Sabadell or not.

In this way we had dietetic and kitchen staff. We had maid service. Warehouse set up an "Ikea" on the floors. Oximesa installed oxygen cylinders and his staff came to mobilize them when we called. Pharmacy brought medication at 18pm and took the PCR sample containers to the lab. The tests came out in the morning with the car of the Chief of Medicine, Dr. Solà, who was returning with what was missing for the next few hours, be it extraction syringes, needles or medication.

The night: Trauma Doctor, Nursing, Administrative and Security

The transfer of patients was done from different hospitals in the area, following some needs and managed by the CatSalut venue. We started receiving patients from the Hospital de Sabadell and its reference populations but also from Terrassa, Rubí, Sant Cugat, del Maresme, Igualada…

Reception of patients

The request for interconsultations with psychiatry, dermatology or infectious was made by telephone by the Home Hospital doctor and in special cases in person.

Every day, on the night shift, all-day medication was prepared in order to detect the missing drugs and have time to get them from the hospital. In each shift and before its administration the nursing students reviewed it.

In the rooms that were left empty, the windows were opened and not cleaned until 24 hours later in order to reduce the viral load of the space. As Cristina, one of the cleaners, said, "we are used to fighting microbes that are more resistant to cleaning products, this virus dies with it."

Patient identification.
System to avoid errors


Social Services was incorporated in recent weeks and provided the possibility of video conferencing of patients with relatives, the resolution of difficult social situations, parents who were left alone and did not want to come home and find the house empty because the couple was dead.

Always one inside and one outside

Teresa and Natalia before entering the patient's room

In the morning, residents and doctors visited the patients and made changes to the treatments before 16pm, just in time for the pharmacy assistant to come.

Dr. Mujal on a visit

Medical team




If there was a mismatch in the circuit it was the care staff, the chief medical officer or Elisenda who tidied up the circuit.
In this way we created a stock of specific treatments that more than once took us out of shortcomings or an analytical, out of time, went on a laboratory path thanks to the professional who went to a meeting.


Stock created

The fridge in the room

Medication per patient










One afternoon we ran out of paracetamol, the pharmacy didn't arrive and Elisenda told us "now I'm coming!" and 30 minutes later they had almost 1kg of paracetamol… no more had to be ordered in a month.

Everyone did their job and the ones that were presented by the circumstances.






















We lived a very extreme life and professional situation. We tried to give an efficient and effective response at all times. We know that the situation did not allow us to do our job the way we like to do it. That is why I want to send everyone our apologies if we did not achieve our goal as expected.

We did circuits we would never have wanted to do. I’m talking about those patients who got complicated and we moved to the emergency room. Of those circuits of patients who had to go to say goodbye to a couple or a child.






Eva A. Sánchez Martos

Degree in Nursing from the UAB. I have a Masters in Cardiology and another in Vascular Surgery from the UB. I have trained as a researcher in II.SICarlos III and have led many research projects such as the EMIRTHAD study on therapeutic non-compliance. For thirty years I have been improving as a nurse. Twenty years ago I helped the birth of Home Hospitalization in Parc Taulí.

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