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Among the professionals who joined our unit were: caregivers of patients with special needs admitted to the 4th floor of the hotel, firefighters of the Generalitat, computer scientists, pharmacy staff, reception administrators, security staff, kitchen and diet staff, laundry staff, Oximesa staff, ambulance staff, Hotel Verdi guard staff, all those who supported from the shadows and The "mechanics" that were assigned to our Medicalized Hotel.

At any hospital or center you visit you will see that the staff who clean the spaces are called cleaning staff. In our hospital they are called "mechanics". Many of you will know why but I want to make it clear to everyone. It seems that years ago the salary of cleaning staff was on a very low salary scale and someone got them to have a more decent salary by equating their duties to the salary scale of mechanics. I don't know the whole story because I've always known them as "the mechanics".


I must say that their work is critical so that professionals and patients can treat the disease safely. These days we have seen it more clearly. They are very well trained professionals in controlling infections and this is invaluable in times of pandemic like the one we are living in. To say that they are cleaners is to reduce their professional background because it equates them to the professional who cleans another space without so many risks.



With all this professionalism our companions acted at all times in the Medicalized Hotel: Cristina, Asun, Silvia and Manoli with the support of Joaquin, Alex and Guilen of the Everest company and punctually of Soledad, Adelina, Maite and Eva in those 37 days of discharge and 40 admissions.

The day came when the patients left and the health professionals too but they stayed to pick up and turn the Medicalized Hotel back into a clean and safe Hotel Verdi for all those who want to spend a few days in their rooms.

If people continue without taking the basic steps of hand washing, wearing a mask and keeping their distance we will see each other again soon.


The mask, mandatory outdoors and in spaces open to the public

See you soon

Eva A. Sánchez Martos

Degree in Nursing from the UAB. I have a Masters in Cardiology and another in Vascular Surgery from the UB. I have trained as a researcher in II.SICarlos III and have led many research projects such as the EMIRTHAD study on therapeutic non-compliance. For thirty years I have been improving as a nurse. Twenty years ago I helped the birth of Home Hospitalization in Parc Taulí.

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  • Jamie

    Hi Eva,

    It's great to see these people get the credit they deserve. Nice to hear about some computer scientists helping too! 🙂

    What you guys do is amazing.

    Take care

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