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In the coming days we will do 21 years of continuous care as Home Hospitalization.

Although for many of us it seems like it was yesterday when the management of our hospital opted for the creation of an alternative to conventional care, many things have happened in these years.


Always ahead. Expanding services. Making visible our function in the home of the sick person. Ductile to the needs of the hospital, as if it were a precious metal.

During these years it has been the patients who have helped us move forward with their recognition. By letters of thanks, requesting admission or collaborating in studies on the quality of care of our services as they did in our hospital two years ago.


Now it is Cat Salut who has valued our work and that of the 26 Home Hospitalization units that operate in Catalonia.


In our hospital we are growing in services and staff.




These nurses have been continuously incorporated into our service for months.


Great professionals with whom to continue to grow in our goal of caring for sick people with a high degree of quality of care.











Another doctor will join soon.









We will now take care of 60 acute patients and support the oncology unit with the removal and administration of chemotherapy at the patient’s home. We work on the continuity of care for the complex chronic patient to make the admission to our unit directly from the Primary Care without the patient having to move from home.

We are in difficult times for everyone with the SaRS CoV-2 pandemic but in HaD we are ready.

Eva A. Sánchez Martos

Degree in Nursing from the UAB. I have a Masters in Cardiology and another in Vascular Surgery from the UB. I have trained as a researcher in II.SICarlos III and have led many research projects such as the EMIRTHAD study on therapeutic non-compliance. For thirty years I have been improving as a nurse. Twenty years ago I helped the birth of Home Hospitalization in Parc Taulí.

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  • Margarida Forrellad Vives

    What a great satisfaction to be able to see the evolution of Home Hospitalization!
    Really when we bet on it we weren’t wrong at all, we knew what a GREAT POTENTIAL we had. It is now being demonstrated. Thanks to the professionals and also to the patients who have made it possible for this to happen. COME IN!!!!

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