Hospitalization at home

The hospital in your home
A pandemic that has changed our lives.
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As you all know, we have been fighting a pandemic for a few months now that has brought us many changes to our Hospital and the people who keep it alive. It has changed us from the tools of operation, such as the criteria for admission or the gear of hospital services, to the lives of professionals, such as

There are patients who are admitted to HaD very often
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You could say there are patients who are like on the team. This is the case of José Zamora. A patient whose chronic illness and life often leads him to make admission to the Hospital. With him and his wife, a great caregiver, we lived the dream of being parents and the arrival of…

The patient's voice
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  Interview with Agueda's family Although they have been working as an alternative to conventional hospitalization for two decades, there are patients who are frightened when they are offered to go home with home hospitalization. We find patients who confuse us with Palliative Care, some think they are so bad that they send them home…

A multidisciplinary team for comprehensive care
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Interview with Dr. Joan Solà Aznar: No doctor As the singer-songwriter says “now that I am twenty years old” we can look back and see the people who have passed through our unit during these years. Today we will only talk about the doctors who have come to do their Internal Medicine or Medical Residence Res

What would you highlight about this care system?
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Interview with Marta Fernández Ros: Care Manager. After Margarida Forrellat came Mercè Ruiz and Pilar Bescos. All of them contributed a part of their personality to the Home Hospitalization project. “La Pili”, as we know her at the Hospital, opened the way for us to discover how they worked…

The beginnings with Margarida Forrellat
Soon we will be 20 years old
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Many of you will remember what happened twenty years ago at our Hospital. You will remember that the building of the current Sabadell Gent Gran used to be the city's pediatric hospital. He was locked up and taken to the second floor of the Taulí building where the urology and vascular surgery units used to be. This goes to us…

The Home Hospitalization Unit (HaD): a personalized care alternative
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Illness is part of our agenda at some point in our lives suddenly and irrevocably. Let’s say a person gets sick and is admitted to the hospital and with that he loses his freedom without knowing the day he will return home. Assuming it was…

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