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II Day of Neonatology of the Tauli Park
1024 851 Lorraine Fernandez

The day of the premature is approaching, and as every year, in Parc Taulí we join in the celebrations with a day open to everyone. On this occasion, the organizing committee wanted to focus on what happens after the hospital discharge of premature babies and how the support network is woven that will receive them and the…

Complications at delivery: The suffering of the baby
595 600 Lorraine Fernandez

Most births that come to fruition and that have developed with a well-controlled and uncomplicated pregnancy, evolve without problems and within the foreseeable. But sometimes, despite not having problems in pregnancy, a series of unforeseen events occur during childbirth, which can…

The art of caring for Sara Sierra
1024 768 Lorraine Fernandez

“They say that caring is an art. And like all art, caring requires skills, skills and even rules, which are acquired through study, experience and observation. ” With these words begins the entry of our colleague Sara Sierra, pediatric specialist nurse in our neonatal unit. Last week, a

My baby has fluid in his lung
660 330 Lorraine Fernandez

Surely some of you have an acquaintance or friend who has had a baby and when asked how it all went, they tell you that they let him in because he was born with "fluid in the lungs." It is a situation that generates a lot of distress in families, because the baby needs to stay in…

1024 530 Carmen Mendoza Saera

Twelfth Night is one of the most magical nights of the year. In the hospital, the procession of kings passes by, spreading illusions to all the children who have been admitted, as they do every year. The joy and expectation of seeing aa their majesties is impressive and amazing. Kids giving pipes to kings for…

596 1024 Lorraine Fernandez

It tells the story that there was a tree that fulfilled all the wishes of those who sat in its shade, that just by imagining what their heart wanted, the tree towards it was fulfilled. In Neonatos del Parc Taulí we have created our particular tree, in which all of us who form the human team…

The letters of the Taulí
989 436 Carmen Mendoza Saera

Hello everyone, I present to you an initiative that some people in our city have had and that is born from what we humans have that makes us deserve to be the best in the world, empathy, assertiveness and collaborationism . The letters of the Taulí. It all started at the Vall d'Hebron hospital where he went…

Silence, I am small
1024 683 Lorraine Fernandez

With this week's entry, we want to introduce you to the new ally who has come to our Neonatal Unit in order for silence to reign, has been placed in a preferred place and I would say he has come to stay. Its technical name is acoustic controller, but as it is too formal, from…

Welcome to Our Blog
1024 683 Lorraine Fernandez

We can't be more excited !!!! I am immensely pleased to present you our new blog, the Parc Taulí Neonate Blog, a space created with the main goal that you, the families, know us a little better. For a long time, we believe it is necessary to make the population of the Vallés area know the resources…