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We can't be more excited !!!!

I am immensely pleased to present you our new blog, the Parc Taulí Neonate Blog, a space created with the main goal that you, the families, know us a little better.

For some time now, we have needed to make the people of the Vallés area aware of the resources that are close to home and know that if they decide to come and have their baby in Taulí, if something does not go as expected, they have absolute peace of mind. that we have all the technological means and highly qualified staff to take care of your baby.

When a family becomes pregnant, things are always expected to go smoothly, delivery is quick, there are no complications and in a couple of days everyone will be home with the new family member. But this is not always the case, sometimes destiny, which is whimsical, decides that the straight path that should be, becomes something longer and sometimes more uphill.

Getting into the neonatal unit, initially, is always a tough hit for families, and at Neonatos del Tauli, we know that well. Therefore, being a third level unit (IIIB) distributed in spacious and comfortable spaces, allows us to offer a personalized and individualized attention. We work every day to make you feel at home. We are here to offer you all our technology and knowledge, but above all, to help you along the difficult path, to help you overcome fears and to give you the tools to make sure that on the day of discharge you are absolutely sure that you will all be well.

From this Blog, we will share our work, interesting articles, news from the Neonatal world, family experiences; in short, everything we are.

We invite you to participate with your comments, knowing about your experience with us helps us grow and helps other families to feel understood and comforted.

In short, we are starting a new path !!! Are you with us?



Lorraine Fernandez

I am a University Diploma in Nursing from the UB and a Pediatric Specialist. Theoretical and practical postgraduate course for Nurses: Update on intensive care for children and adolescents by the UAB and Postgraduate course on Emergencies and catastrophes by the UAB. I have been working for neonates for 14 years. In constant training and attitude of learning. I adore my work and my babies. Each one is unique and special and it teaches me something new. Proudly decorated by families, as well as my companions, as A MOTHER OF WHITE.

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  • Bullfight

    It seems to me a super delicate job that many of us are not really aware of what it really involves… So I think this initiative is fabulous that will surely help many families

  • Sonia

    Congratulations on this great initiative. We personally greatly thank the entire Neotats Park tauli team for their human and professional work. Thank you so much.

  • María

    Hello everyone,
    First of all, Congratulations on the blog, I find it a very interesting idea to present your work.
    I am the mother of a little one who spent 20 days in the neonatal unit this July, our "little big Pol."
    I have seen the video made by Clara's parents and I am excited.
    Remember all the moments lived removes inside.
    But I have encouraged myself to write to thank you. Thank you for your work, dedication, understanding, tact… Those of us who have gone through those moments know that they are not easy and it is appreciated that such a professional and friendly team accompanies you.
    Thank you very much! We will never forget the lived moments!

    • Lorraine Fernandez

      Thank you very much Maria !!!
      Knowing that, despite how hard it is to have your baby admitted with us, you have felt accompanied and well treated, is our reward. Thanks for sharing your experience, other dads are sure to thank you too.
      And don't forget to bring pictures of the Pol, we love to have you all on our wall of fame !! 😘

  • Yolanda Sáenz of garcia tile

    Hello everyone !!!!
    I'm Adriana's mom.
    Adriana stagnated her weight and I had to induce labor. He was born on July 3 and weigh 1670kg. Today is around 6kg. But those days with you were very hard / exciting. You taught me how to breastfeed and take it. It was hard but very exciting times.
    You were my best support at that time. You consoled me and we shared tears of joy.
    Thank you all for treating me like a mom and also your partner

  • Elena Medina

    Good !!! I'm Elena Yerai's mom!
    I would like to encourage all those potatoes who, due to some complication, have to leave their children admitted to neonates in the Parc tabli !!
    Yerai was born on September 29, 2019, being 35 weeks premature apart from some further complication.
    I cannot be more grateful to all the pediatricians and nurses who have taken care of my child so well.
    That when I had to be absent, they gave him so much love and affection !! They care and are involved both for you… as if you were from their own family and make you feel at home !! Really… .THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!

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