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It tells the story that there was a tree that fulfilled all the wishes of those who sat in its shade, who by just imagining what their heart wanted, the tree to be fulfilled.

In Neonatos del Parc Taulí we have created our own tree, in which all those who make up the human team have left our Christmas wish.

There are desires to regain health or never fail. There are desires for full happiness for those who feel unhappy. There are job desires for those who need it or want to improve on their own. There are desires for love in all its facets. There are desires for strength to keep working even when things don't go well. There are desires to "stay as I am." They are desires that come from the hearts of the people who move this service, desires of a great family that we are, for the time and the experiences that we spend together. And among all those personal and characteristic desires of each one of us, there is one that is common to all and is to get our babies to go on becoming healthy and happy babies.

May the tree of desires make all your desires come true and may the New Year be a new beginning full of hope, happiness, love, and health.


Merry Christmas * Merry Christmas * Happy Christmas * Gabon zoriontsuak * Joyeux Noël * Buon Natale * メ リ ー ク リ ス マ ス


Lorraine Fernandez

I am a University Diploma in Nursing from the UB and a Pediatric Specialist. Theoretical and practical postgraduate course for Nurses: Update on intensive care for children and adolescents by the UAB and Postgraduate course on Emergencies and catastrophes by the UAB. I have been working for neonates for 14 years. In constant training and attitude of learning. I adore my work and my babies. Each one is unique and special and it teaches me something new. Proudly decorated by families, as well as my companions, as A MOTHER OF WHITE.

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