The letters of the Taulí

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Hello to all,

I present to you an initiative that some people in our city have had and that is born from what we humans have that makes us deserve to be the best in the world, empathy, assertiveness and collaborationism. The letters of the Taulí.

It all started at the Vall d'Hebron hospital where a CALL was made to sew letters on clothes or to make contributions from different fabrics to be able to make them. Through social media, an online clothing store spread the word and Marina, Elisabet and Ana Maria had the great idea of ​​moving it to Sabadell."This is what children at home should have", they said, referring to Sabadell and the Taulí. Today this has been a reality. They have sewn many letters that they have sent to us to start hanging on the foot of the incubator.

But this great story doesn't end there, social media, these networks of humanity have made seamstresses contact our friends and be interested in participating in the initiative. They are receiving many messages, there are 2 shops in Sabadell that have offered to be a collection point for letters: Pedacets and Qrea Manualitats. Where you can leave the letters that can be made from anywhere in the city or outside.

To get all the information to perform these little wonders you must go to or on Instagram a @theimaginery, there you will find all the necessary information such as patterns, step by step instructions.

Really:“The smallest act in the humblest circumstances, like making these letters altruistically, bears the seed of something that is very big, as an action, a word, the name of a baby in this case and the fact to configure it changes the universe ”.

The help, collaboration and support of the community to the individual transforms us into a powerful, mature and synergistic group.

The Neonatal Unit can only say thank you. Thank you for being as you are.

Carmen Mendoza Saera

Pediatric Nurse Specialist. MSc in Nursing Research and Information Management. I have been a pediatric nurse for 23 years. There is nothing more beautiful for me than working where I work, helping children and parents admitted to the critical area of ​​the hospital. This job is a gift.

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  • Astrid

    I send you my congratulations for this initiative! As Carme rightly says, it is these small gestures, simple and subtle, that reach the heart. To us as companies who admire your work and to many parents who surely appreciate this show of love and tenderness towards their little ones. A big hug!

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