II Day of Neonatology of the Tauli Park

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The day of the premature is approaching, and as every year, in Parc Taulí we join in the celebrations with a day open to everyone.

On this occasion, the organizing committee wanted to focus on what happens after the hospital discharge of premature babies and how the support network is woven that will welcome them and lead them on their new path.

"The premature at home: first steps, first challenges"


As explained in his pamphlet on Objectives of the Conference are:

  • To make known the latest recommendations and follow-up protocols for premature babies, drawn up by the Spanish Neonatology Association, SENeo, to the different professionals involved in their care and to the families of these babies.
  • Explain the controls and various follow-up activities derived, which are carried out in the different areas of care and levels of action: hospital, outpatient, primary care and CDIAP of our center.
  • Provide tools and resources to families to face with care and confidence the care of these babies during the first years of life.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information and the design of collaborative strategies between the various agents involved at different levels of health care.
  • Encourage the exchange of opinions, experiences and promote joint reflection on possible points for improvement.

For us it will be a pleasure to accompany you

November 15, 2019

15am to 20pm

Auditorium Taulí


WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU WITH OPEN ARMS !!!! Free access for everyone !!

You can consult the program at the following link


Lorraine Fernandez

I am a University Diploma in Nursing from the UB and a Pediatric Specialist. Theoretical and practical postgraduate course for Nurses: Update on intensive care for children and adolescents by the UAB and Postgraduate course on Emergencies and catastrophes by the UAB. I have been working for neonates for 14 years. In constant training and attitude of learning. I adore my work and my babies. Each one is unique and special and it teaches me something new. Proudly decorated by families, as well as my companions, as A MOTHER OF WHITE.

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