The art of caring for Sara Sierra

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"They say caring is an art. And like all art, caring requires skills, skills and even rules, which are acquired through study, experience and observation.. "

With these words begins the entry of our companion Sarah Sierra, a pediatric specialist nurse in our neonatal unit.

Last week, a training activity was organized for new additions and professionals interested in the neonatal field of which Sara was a teacher, and she wanted to tell us about the experience.

We want to thank you for your collaboration and we hope that many more !!!

Go ahead Sara and thank you !!

The art of caring by Sara Sierra

They say caring is an art. And like all art, caring requires skills, skills and even rules, which are acquired through study, experience and observation.

In our work as neonatal nurses, we care day after day for babies who, either because they were born prematurely or because they are not healthy, need a series of specific care and attention before they can go home. with their families.

That is why we have a duty and obligation to train ourselves continuously in order to be able to give our children the best care and care they need at all times and according to the best scientific evidence.

In accordance with this statement, from the Neonatology Service of the Parc Taulí Corporation, on 6 and 7 February, we held a Great Premature Workshop in order to train new nurses, nursing assistants, paediatricians and midwives. They work in our unit, in order to be able to offer the best care and attention to our babies.

During the days, the students were divided into 4 groups of 11-12 people each and, after a brief theoretical class where they reviewed what they had already studied in the presentations that days ago had been posted on the Virtual Campus, it was time to enter the simulation classroom and deal with 3 different cases set in the day-to-day life of the UciNeonatal.


Despite the initial nerves of some participants, the desire to learn and have fun gave way to some brilliant performances that made the nerves forgotten.

From here, I thank all the participants of the workshop for their dedication and dedication and we hope to be able to repeat workshops like this and thus be able to continue training and learning, in order to be able to offer our little great heroes, as well as to their families, high quality care and attention.

We would also like to thank the collaboration of the Tauli Park Simulation Classroom (@simulaciotauli), for making our job much easier.

Sarah Sierra


Lorraine Fernandez

I am a University Diploma in Nursing from the UB and a Pediatric Specialist. Theoretical and practical postgraduate course for Nurses: Update on intensive care for children and adolescents by the UAB and Postgraduate course on Emergencies and catastrophes by the UAB. I have been working for neonates for 14 years. In constant training and attitude of learning. I adore my work and my babies. Each one is unique and special and it teaches me something new. Proudly decorated by families, as well as my companions, as A MOTHER OF WHITE.

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