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The research group in Neurosciences Parc Taulí-INc, led by Dr. Diego Palao, joins CIBERSAM.
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  The group led by Dr. Diego Palao, after a period of association, has been accredited as a group attached to CIBERSAM (CB19 / 09/00029), fully joining the main Spanish research network in Neurosciences, along with 23 other clinical, preclinical and translational research groups which includes the… Mental Health thematic area

ADHD days throughout the life cycle
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November 9 will be the days of the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) throughout the life cycle.

Second Annual Meeting of the CIBERSAM Linked Group Neurosciences Parc Taulí and the I Collaborative Workshop of the Translational Neuroscience Research Unit I3PT-INc-UAB
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On July 5, the Second Annual Meeting of the Parc Taulí Neurosciences Group was held, linked to CIBERSAM led by Dr. Diego Palao, Executive Director of Mental Health. On the same date, the I Collaborative Workshop was held between clinical researchers from the Parc Taulí Corporation (CPT) and lnstitut basics

I Symposium on Psychosomatic Psychiatry
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Next September 28, 2018 will take place the I Psychosomatic and Psychiatry Symposium, in the Auditorio Novartis Farmaceutica SA (Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes, 764 in Barcelona).

Welcome, Welcome to our new blog!
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Today we open the blog of Neurosciences-ParcTaulí-UAB, a space that will allow us to see all the achievements, events and actions related to research and innovation in Neuroscience.