Organizational structure



The Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí, with a vocation and commitment to provide quality health services to its reference population, set up the Parc Taulí Primary Care results center with the aim of developing primary care projects within a corporate management, with the vision of integrating all devices for the benefit of the needs of the citizens of Sabadell and reference municipalities, with actions coordinated with other primary care services, and with the shared desire to achieve comprehensive health goals.


  • Providing quality primary care to people, families, and the community,
  • activating the maximum relation with all the devices that can be related to it, while promoting the citizen's self-responsibility for his health and the care team with the community
  • to provide health care that brings well-being and social cohesion.


  • We want to be a reference in primary care because of its capacity to respond to the needs of citizens,
  • leading the maximum efforts to make certain the continuity of the care,
  • in order to provide the citizens of the reference area of ​​the Corporation with the maximum confidence and security in the services they receive.

Our values

  • The quality of life and the well-being of the people (sensitivity)
  • Responsibility, service and excellence (professionalism)
  • The consideration of the environment (commitment)



Management Committee

Parc Taulí Primary Care Management Committee

Miquel Cirera and Perich
Director of the EAP Sabadell 4-B. CAP Can Rull and CAP Can Llong.

Eva Sánchez Perez
Attached to address

Natalia Guiu Ramírez
Citizen service manager

CAP Can Long

CAP Can Long

The CAP Can Llong attends to its Basic Health Area, which includes the municipal sectors of Can Llong and Berardo of the municipal district IV of Sabadell, according to the order of March 4, 1994. This Area is made up of the neighborhoods Via Alexandra, Can Rull, Cifuentes, Plaza Ròmulo, Castellarnau, Can Berardo and part of the Can Llong neighborhood, located to the west of the city, bordering the city of Terrassa.


Director of the EAP Sabadell 4-B. CAP Can Rull and CAP Can Llong.

Photo by Miquel Cirera, executive director of Parc Taulí Primary Care

Miquel Cirera and Perich