Main lines of action


To develop these lines of action,
which are specified in different specific projects,
complicity and help from society is essential

Improvements in pediatric population care spaces

  • Adaptation and decoration of care spaces according to the ages and developmental needs of the children and adolescents attended.
  • Adaptation of warm welcome spaces in the family unit during hospital admission periods.

Support and support

For both patients and families, facing serious illnesses, mainly in complex chronic diseases, but also in acute situations that break the balance of family unity:

  • Psychological support
  • Family therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Game therapy
  • Relaxation sessions

Training actions

Aimed at professionals who care for patients and their families in severe and complex situations, in order to cope with the accompaniment, improving empathy, increasing their capacity to adapt to the difficulties they face and offering tools to reduce their stress. severe disease process stress.

Assistance collaborations

To patients who do not have sufficient resources to complement the care covered by the Department of Health or the Department of Family Welfare:

  • Pharmacological treatments
  • Speech Therapy
  • Educational support
  • Elements that promote adaptation to the disease process.

Leisure and educational activities

  • Hospital clowns
  • Wool and crochet workshop
  • Children's shows and performances
  • Visits of well-known characters

Support of volunteers

That they facilitate to Families work-life balance with the illness of their children.

Solidarity actions

With developing countries, both with local actions and in country of origin.

Research Support