Promoting care and comfort, educational and social improvements for our pediatric patients

In the Pediatrics Area of ​​the Hospital de Sabadell we work with a vision based on the model of patient-centered care and taking into account in a comprehensive way the biological, psychological, educational, social and environmental aspects.

Thanks to the efforts of the administration and our professionals, we are one of the leading pediatric hospitals in Catalonia. We cover a population of more than 75.000 children and young people of the 11 municipalities in the Parc Taulí reference area and, for certain specialties, we attend children from all over the territory.

Beyond the need for care, we want our children and young people to benefit from a holistic approach. We also want to address some of the needs of care that have been manifested in recent years, and which may become indispensable for the care and proper development of the pediatric population and their most vulnerable families.

In this context, the Program of Social Action of Pediatrics of the Parc Taulí collects different lines of action that complement the coverage of our public funding system, with The goal is to promote care and comfort, educational and social improvements for pediatric patients in our area of ​​reference.

For the best smile of our children and young people