The mission of the Angiology and Vascular Surgery Service within the Hospital de Sabadell is:

a) Provide resolutive, integral, personalized, quality assistance and meet the needs and expectations of our clients, who refer to the vascular and surgical pathology of our area of ​​reference, with or without degree of complexity that can be resolved in our hospital.

b) Achieve continuous improvement in the quality of care and other actions.

Our Unit was ranked in 1996, gradually increasing its workforce to be able to assume the vascular pathology of our area. In the year 2000, Hospital de Sabadell started ongoing care in vascular surgery, which meant that it was possible to provide specific care to patients with severe and urgent pathology, who needed specialized diagnosis and treatment. From January of 2004, the Service is recognized by the National Commission of the Specialty for the training of doctors specialists in Angiology and Vascular Surgery.

The basic general objective is to structure an Angiology and Vascular Surgery service integrated into a referral hospital with the material and human resources to plan the care, research and teaching of all the arterial, venous and lymphatic pathology that is generated in our area of ​​reference. But as a hospital with a desire for tertiary care, we also come up with a series of star products that allow us to be a reference center for them.

In this regard, in 2010 we established an agreement for the provision of services, to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of the pathology in our area of ​​knowledge at the General Hospital of Catalonia, and later we established collaboration agreements. collaboration with the Angiology and Vascular Surgery Services of the Hospitals of Granollers, Mollet and Manresa, to support and assist in severe arterial pathology (aortic aneurysms, supra-aortic trunks, endovascular treatments) and / or urgent in their areas of reference, acting as a Tertiary Service of about one million inhabitants.

From the healthcare point of view we have outpatient clinics, vascular hemodynamics laboratory, day hospital, hospital unit, major outpatient surgery, as well as open and endovascular surgery of any arterial and venous pathology in our specialty. With regard to undergraduate teaching, the Hospital de Sabadell is a Teaching Unit of the UAB; while the Angiology and Vascular Surgery Service is accredited for the training of specialist physicians. Finally, research and research is another strength of the service, as it constantly participates in different national and international clinical trials, presenting a large number of clinical and research papers at congresses.


Director of the Angiology and Vascular Surgery Service

Photo by Antonio Giménez Gaibar

Antonio Giménez Gaibar