Photo of the Digestive System Service team

Hepatology unit

Mercedes Vergara Gómez - Coordinator of the Hepatology Unit

The general objective of the Hepatology Unit is to provide integrated care with criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and excellence to patients with chronic liver disease, compensated or decompensated, who belong to the reference area of ​​the Health Corporation Parc Taulí.

The big guidelines are:

  1. Ensure the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients with liver disease with the best level of quality. The Unit was accredited by the Hepatology Unit granted by the Spanish Association of Liver Diseases.
  2. Promote collaboration in planning the coverage of care needs in the primary and hospital area.
  3. Encourage continuing education by attending courses and conferences in the specialty, teaching so annually coordinates and conducts courses for family physicians and hospital residents on the care of patients with liver disease.
  4. Encourage the research of professionals to maintain and improve the quality of care for patients with liver diseases.

This Unit belongs to the Digestive System Service since 2005.