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Cardiology is the medical specialty that studies the heart with various contents:
  • Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.
  • Study, development and monitoring of specific techniques of the specialty.

The Cardiology Service of the Parc Taulí aims to provide a high quality healthcare service for the population, ensuring all the types of care typical of the specialty, and aimed at improving the health of its reference population, taking into account criteria of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. However, it is a service with maximum commitment to the continuous training of professionals, research and teaching.

The Service has outpatient and outpatient devices as well as equipment for performing all the necessary specialty tests, both non-invasive (electrocardiograms, echocardiograms, Holter, ergometries) and invasive (implant and pacemaker control, coronary angiography, angioplasty). , electrophysiological studies, transcatheter ablations). In collaboration with UDIAT Center Diagnostic, cardiac scans, MRIs and high resolution computerized tomography are also performed.

It is an accredited service for the training of resident doctors of the specialty and receives other specialties from the same hospital as part of its training program at the Cardiology Service. He is also actively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, teaching practical seminars and seminars at the University. Service members regularly organize national and international congresses and courses. However, the physicians of the Cardiology Service are involved in various expert committees and societies, national and international, and in various research projects, also national and international. Participating in clinical trials allows certain patients to receive the latest treatments available. However, the teaching and research activities of the group are recognized in national and international forums, with multiple publications with high impact, and in a multitude of books in the field. Its members are invited to give talks at meetings which also include world-class ones. The main lines of research are ischemic heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, and the prevention of disease and cardiovascular complications.

Therefore, the activity of the Cardiology Service is based on the trinomial of attendance, teaching / continuing education, and research.

Director of the Cardiology Service

Antonio Martínez Rubio

Antonio Martínez Rubio