Portfolio of services

External consultations

The assistance includes:

Assistive, diagnostic and therapeutic activities, as well as health promotion, health education and disease prevention, which include:

  • Initial assessment of the patient
  • Joint evaluation with referral hospitals for patients with low prevalence and high complexity pathologies
  • Indication and conduct of diagnostic examinations and procedures
  • Indication of evaluation for other pediatric specialties and joint assessment of the pathology in a multidisciplinary team when necessary
  • Teamwork in conjunction with specialized nursing
  • Indication, carrying out and monitoring of the therapeutic treatments or procedures that the patient needs
  • Information on discharge from diagnosis and procedures and care necessary for the correct monitoring of the patient in primary care

Children are treated with the following pathologies:

  • Type 1 diabetes
    • Multidisciplinary team (diabetes education nurse, endocrinologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, psychologist, clinical laboratory)
    • Continued care for the diabetic patient with uncontrolled disease (intercurrent process ...)
    • Knowledge to install a continuous insulin pump for the patient with appropriate conditions
    • Dissemination sessions to the relatives of patients of the Diabetics Association of Sabadell.

  • Alterations in growth
    • DIA hospital to perform GH stimulation test
    • Follow-up of patients with intrauterine growth retardation
    • GH dispensary hospital pharmacy

  • Thyroid diseases
    • Radiological support for the diagnosis: o Ultrasound, echo-PAAF or thyroid scintigraphy
    • Surgery team qualified for thyroid surgery
    • Thyroid nodule session (adults)
    • Pediatric and ICU team qualified to handle post thyroidectomy complications

  • Pathological Puberty / Hypogonadism

    Complementary tools for diagnosis:

    • Hormone laboratory with reference values ​​for age and sex
    • Functional test performed at the Pediatric Day Hospital
    • Pediatric ultrasound
    • Hypothalamic-pituitary NMR
    • Pediatric clinical geneticist
    • Methylation test by Prader-Willi study

  • Obesity
    • Reference center for the follow-up of patients with Prader-Willi Syndrome as part of the Unit of care for patients with cognitive-behavioral disorders of genetic cause (CONGE) where the patients are treated in a multidisciplinary way by visiting the same day by different specialist doctors (neuropediatist, psychologist, clinical geneticist, endocrinologist)
    • Diagnosis, treatment and support of childhood obesity of varying degrees of severity
    • Nutritionist nurse

  • Other low prevalence endocrinopathies
    • Follow-up of the oncological patient
    • Adrenal pathology
    • Panhipopituitarism
    • Hypoglycemia
    • Dyslipidemia


Specialized care at the Day Hospital

It encompasses the diagnostic activities of patients requiring short-stay admission under medical supervision for performing diagnostic tests, including:

  • Dynamic hormonal determinations in response to various stimuli, physiological or pharmacological
  • Monitoring for control and treatment of adverse effects during the tests
  • Availability of specific material and trained personnel in case of vital emergency

Specialized assistance in pediatric hospitalization

It covers the medical care, diagnosis and treatment of patients on a hospitalization basis, including:

  • Interview patients of other specialties, newborns or general pediatricians who require specialized medical care
  • Indication and diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients admitted to the specialty
  • Indication and follow-up of patients in intensive care if necessary
  • Nutrition or specific education of patients who need it
  • Information on discharge from the care process with specific instructions for the correct monitoring and treatment of the patient


The endocrinology consultation is equipped with all the necessary devices for a correct and careful assessment of the child (Harpenden stadiometer for accurate and accurate measurement, orchidometer, plichometer (skin fold measuring device), tensiometer, scales, ... .