Portfolio of services

External consultations

  • Clinical assessment for the diagnosis and treatment of all those children and adolescents referred by the Primary Care Team to present any of the following neurological problems:
    • Headaches
    • Tics and movement disorders
    • Sleep disorders
    • Seizures and epilepsy
    • Infectious and inflammatory diseases that affect the nervous system
    • Muscle diseases
    • Motor disorders (motor coordination disorder, infantile cerebral palsy)
    • Intellectual disability
    • Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    • Language disorders
    • other
  • Follow-up of newborns at high neurological risk according to the protocol established with the Neonatology Unit:
    • Very low birth weight premature infants (<1.500 g)
    • Perinatal asphyxia
    • CNS malformations
    • Metabolic diseases
    • Central nervous system infections
    • other
  • Follow-up of neurotraumatic patients and patients with tumor or vascular pathology (hemorrhagic strokes, ischemic strokes) of the central nervous system.
  • Video-EEG cabinet for the diagnosis and control of children with epilepsy.
  • Functional unit for the diagnosis and care of children with genetic and behavioral deficits based on genetics (the Neuropediatrics Unit is part of the network of clinical expertise units (XUEC) for the care of patients with minority diseases created by the Service Catalan Health).
  • Neuropsychological assessment of children with neurological pathology, congenital or acquired, with repercussions on cognitive functions or behavior.

Specialized care in the day hospital

The Pediatric Neurology Unit treats patients, in day hospital, in those pathologies that need treatments of short sessions for extended periods of time (intravenous immunoglobulins, for example), complex examinations, or analytical determinations that require preparation. special.

Specialized assistance in pediatric hospitalization

  • Income from acute pathology (infectious, vascular, metabolic, traumatic, refractory epilepsy, ...).
  • Income from acute decompensations of chronic pathology.
  • The specialists of the Unit act as consultants to the pediatrician in charge of hospitalization, in pediatric ICU, in neonatology and in conventional hospitalization.

Specialized assistance in pediatric emergencies

The specialists of the Unit act as consultants in pediatric emergencies that require diagnostic and therapeutic neurological assessment.

The care work of the Unit is complemented by the participation of all team members in weekly Pediatric Neurology clinical sessions and in monthly Neuroradiology, Neurogenetics and Neuropsychology clinical sessions.

Members of the neuropediatric team also participate in multidisciplinary and multi-committee meetings designed to reach consensus and optimize the monitoring and treatment of our patients.

Also very important is the teaching activity of our Unit, which permanently welcomes Pediatric residents of the hospital and, semi-permanently, residents of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychology and also Pediatric residents of others. hospitals that have an interest in completing their training in the area of ​​child neurodevelopment.

The Neuropediatrics team also participates in the teaching of the subject of Pediatrics within the Degree in Medicine at the UAB and in the teaching of the Masters in Child Neuropsychology and Early Care at the UB.

In addition, the UAB's final degree project in Medicine (TFG) and doctoral theses are supervised.

Finally, highlight the team's participation in various research projects, especially those carried out in the syndromes of Angelman, Prader Willi and Fragile X, among others.