Portfolio of services

General patient care

We have qualified professionals (doctors and nurses) with specific training, appropriate technology, and support and advice for all pediatric medical and surgical specialties, who travel to the Emergency Room as needed. This allows a high resolution of important pathology, already from the Pediatric Emergency Unit itself. Also the central services of the Hospital allow the practice of complex complementary explorations 24 hours a day:

  • CT, RNM, Nuclear Medicine
  • Digestive and Respiratory Fibroendoscopy
  • EEG
  • ECG and Echocardiography
  • Surgical Procedures and Orthopedic Surgery-Traumatology

Intensive care and supervision of the most serious children is performed jointly with the ICU medical staff, promoting teamwork. In addition, the multidisciplinary nature of this activity forces a close relationship with other specialists as a way to ensure a comprehensive and continuous patient care. The support of some specialties is often crucial to the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying disease.

Procedures for analgesia and sedation

The Pediatric Emergency Unit collaborates with Radiology, Surgery, Traumatology and Oncology as well as with the Hospitalization Plant, to practice analgesia and sedation techniques, especially with nitrous oxide.

Telephone support

Consultations from GPs and families are attended.

Likewise, all positive analytical results (cultures, ...) or pathological results from the visits made in the Pediatric Emergency Unit are monitored by telephone.

In this sense, it has been a great improvement for the joint care of the pediatric patient the possibility of connecting to the CAP's via the Internet. This will allow in the near future the results of the complementary examinations taken at the UUP, to be consulted by the GP at the CAP.

Diagnostic imaging quality controls

A daily consultation with Radiology is carried out of all the radiological examinations of complex or doubtful diagnosis, of the previous day.

Controls in Post-Urgent Pediatric Care (PGNUP)

Patients who are awaiting relevant analytical results or have pathologies that may be resolved in the Pediatric Emergency Unit or whose control is beyond the scope of this and the pediatrician's GP are monitored in a consultation specialized preferred external (PGNUP).

Pathologies attended to

All pediatric medical and surgical pathologies are initially treated by the pediatrician. If the visit results in the patient being urgently visited by a specialist, an consultation is performed which is resolved within a few hours.

The visits to the Surgery or Traumatology to be visited by the specialist are completed by the specialist.

Those that only require the consultation can be finalized by the specialist or the pediatrician.

In the rare cases when the patient's pathology exceeds the capacity of care or the level of resolution of the hospital (Level IIIa), the patient, properly stabilized, is referred by the appropriate transport to the center (Level IIIb) where solve your problem.