Our families add up!

In this space our families are the protagonists.

In the section Activities and materials You will find ideas, proposals and activities provided by families who have wanted to share their experience, as well as resources that have been useful to them in the therapeutic work with their children.

In the section Shared reflections You will find families who have wanted to share the experience of their time at our CDIAP.

If you would like to share your activities and experiences with us, please contact your therapist and they will tell you how.

Activities and materials

Activities and materials

We make puppets out of cardboard

Nicole’s family gives us an idea to make cardboard puppets and to hold them alone when they are playing with them. As you can see in the picture, with the roll of toilet paper they made a ring with a cut on each side to hold the puppet. Well thought out !!!

We do monsters and various activities

Izan's grandmother made some monsters out of cardboard and decorated them with stickers and moving eyes! These monsters will help us to work on vocabulary classification. Each monster eats a family of words (fruits, transports, animals, clothes, etc.).

In addition, he has prepared various activities to play with numbers and letters. He took the ideas from Pinterest.

Vowel soup

Given our daughter Carla's interest in lyrics, one of the resources we use is vowel soup. We think it helps to keep our attention and we take advantage of it when he plays and goes around circling the vowels he plays to introduce vocabulary (or repeat it).

In our case, we have it plasticized and we use colored markers (one color for each vowel); in this way we work them, because we are changing and this also means that it does not end up associating a color with the vowel.

It also helps us to play "turns", making each member of the family circle or mark the letter.

It is an easy activity to do, as it can be done with a blank sheet and handwriting, and also applicable to numbers, complete alphabet, animals,…

Calendar of activities

We are Mercé and David, and we want to share with you the calendar of activities we have developed.

In our case, as our daughter Arlet finds it more difficult to attend to and understand through the instructions we give her with verbal language, we have put into practice what the speech therapist told us about the images. We didn't know how to organize it so that it would be practical; we needed something bearable so we could have it in any space in the house and even outside of it. It was not practical for us to have it stuck to a wall and make the little one go to this point every time we needed it.

We are very happy with the result; Many times we see that she doesn't pay attention, we show her the calendar and she changes the chip, she picks it up, takes care of it and she even explains it to us! :-D

Introduce yourself to classmates

During the first days of school, all the children in the class had to explain things about themselves and say some things they liked and some things they didn't like. Alvaro, Alvaro's mother, made a booklet with tangible material for her son to explain his tastes and make the presentation.



The visual agenda at home

After several weeks of nervousness, inflexibility and NOT for everything ... The therapist offered us this tool where Uriel's afternoon is organized and planned from noon that day, which helps him to know at all times what it's going to happen that afternoon: if it's going to go to the pool, if we're going to go shopping, to grandparents' house ...

When we arrive from the park the game time begins where he chooses what he wants to play and this will be reflected on his board with the corresponding pictogram.

He already knows that when that game ends, screens (tablet, TV and mobile) are no longer allowed and this change has been positive for all members of the family because, since we applied it, we are all much calmer. and relaxed!

Having everything reflected in drawings helps us to follow a pattern and a visual support that gives Uriel security, as we rarely go beyond what is established and that helps him know that it will happen at all times.

The fact of making the board together (he chose the color, put the stickers and glues and takes off the pictograms when he touches), makes him get involved and have everything even more controlled, so much so that when he doesn't want to take a shower he changes the picture without us noticing. and do you have the support of "today does not touch" for the argument of not bathing ?.

It really helps us and we have noticed changes, so I definitely recommend it !!





Shared reflections

Shared reflections

"My first contact with the CDIAP was not as wonderful as I would have liked it to be. Many days I went out crying and blaming myself for everything. events he did not know if they were going to happen.

I hit rock bottom, but with the impetus I needed to get back on track. And I accepted that even though my son's development did not match the average, I should be proud of his achievements and his many efforts.

And the fact is that if accepting and assuming a diagnosis is very scary, imagine having to relive the whole process with your other daughter. But I assure you that when you realize that your disability is not a barrier but the push you need, life flows.

I would like to thank the entire CDIAP team for their efforts and dedication, not only with my children but with everyone. The psychologist was for a long time a person she did not want to see. His doses of reality were like blows he could not dodge. But with patience and affection he has earned his place. And it is not easy to show a reality different from what you may have imagined.

Thanks to the administrative ones, the ones that have changed my appointments so many times and made bobbin lace so that I can square everything as if it were a tetris. And always with an infinite smile and patience.

And endless thanks to our therapist but at the same time friend, mother and counselor. If love is measured in smiles, my children love you to infinity and beyond.

And to you, who read this, remember one very important thing. NEVER let a diagnosis hold you back or serve as a barrier.

The best is yet to come. "

Mª Fu Fuentes, December 2021


"Today marks an important stage for Leo. Almost 3 years have passed since he became a user of the CDIAP (Center for Child Development and Early Care) of @parctauli and today we say goodbye to him, with contradictory feelings, with joy and sadness at the same time.

Leo entered the CDIAP as a baby at just one year old and still not crawling and left as a child of almost 4 years walking, with many achievements and many lessons learned, but most importantly he is ready to start his next and important stage, schooling.

In these years there has been a lot of work, a lot of effort, some crying than others and also a lot of laughter. All this has been left within these walls and we will always remember it fondly.

Leo has participated in CDIAP projects such as hydrotherapy and in various studies, all aimed at helping Leo but also other children and CDIAP itself.

During this time we have been fortunate to work and be guided by many professionals who have helped Leo keep moving forward day by day. We have felt listened to, understood and guided and something very important is that when decisions have had to be made, both professionals and family, we have agreed that the priority and the line to follow was always to look for and find the best option for Leo.

We are eternally grateful to the entire CDIAP Tauli team for their involvement, professionalism, humane treatment and everything they have done for Leo. Special thanks to those who have worked side by side with Leo. Thank you all very much. Thank you for helping Leo, you are definitely part of Leo's progress, learning and achievements. "

leoesmiangel, June 2021


"That's when we met her, in fact I already knew her… But that's when she welcomed us. When I was scared to death but finally someone understood me, she understood us.

I finally stopped feeling alone, misunderstood. We could finally start working hard, helping him get the most out of it.

She, always affectionate and sincere. Always present, always. To me, he is the person who knows him best and has believed in him the most. That sometimes I didn't want to push him because, "poor thing, I can't see him crying." Who has achieved things I thought were lost. She, now also a friend and confidant.

Today has been the last session. Today I was very sad because to stop going with her is to start rowing alone. Our little boat is now a sailboat and I know it will continue to be the beacon that will illuminate us, even from afar, our long journey.

Thanks to the entire CDIAP team at Parc Taulí. You are all wonderful. Roc and I will miss you all very, very much. "

Tefi, May 2021