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The General and Digestive Surgery Service is made up of 30 surgeons and 10 residents (2 per year), and is divided into 8 specialized surgery units:

  • Primary Care
  • Endocrine Surgery - Head and Neck
  • Breast surgery
  • Coloproctology
  • Esophagogastric surgery
  • Hepatobiliopancreatic surgery
  • Acutely ill (emergency)
  • Abdominal Wall Surgery

The assistance activity focuses on:

  • External consultations
  • Hospitalization room (30-35 patients admitted mainly on the second floor of the Ripoll building).
  • Surgical activity: in the central operating theater (surgeries and/or more complex patients) and in the Outpatient Surgical Center (patients who do not need hospital admission)

we are specialized in cancer surgery, surgically treating all types of digestive, head and neck and breast cancer. Most surgeries (neoplastic and benign) are performed using minimally invasive criteria, such as laparoscopic and robotic surgery (with proven experience).

One of his own pillars is themultidisciplinary care for severe polytrauma by the acute patient unit (emergency), being the Parc Taulí reference center for polytrauma patients. For twenty years, we have maintained a system for monitoring adverse effects, which allows us to detect potential problems and implement improvements in patient control, safety and treatment. Circuits have been started between the Surgery Service and primary care to promote a more dynamic action.

The patient is our main goal. Every surgery needs a thorough preoperative preparation, from the diagnosis in multidisciplinary committees, and the optimization of the patient in the best conditions before the surgery. Postoperative control follows strict early recovery protocols under the control of a specialized nursing team. The patient is informed of the existence of information protocols in all types of surgery, to inform and reassure him before, during and after surgery.

We develop an intense research activity, with the existence of established research groups and other emerging ones recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya, in close relation with the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute Foundation (I3PT). Our Service is a multiple promoter and leader multicenter clinical research projects which have been published in the best scientific journals in our area. Among other awards of the Service, in 2022 the Award for the best publication of the Spanish Association of Surgery (AEC) should be highlighted.

At the same time, we maintain a high commitment to the teaching. Internal resident doctors (MIR) follow the training course of training courses and have personalized monitoring by resident tutors. Our Service created the resident's electronic book (LIR) which is currently used in the AEC and we have the most important experience in the State in the control of care and research training.

Likewise, we have special dedication to the medical student, as a future doctor and possible surgeon. The entire Service participates in the daily surgical practices and the activities of the UAB Teaching Unit, in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and rotating years, especially for its associate and permanent professors (professor and full professor).

Director of the General Surgery and Digestive System Service

Photo by Mercè Vergara Gómez

Laura Mora López