Hospital of Sabadell


  1. Theoretical teaching of the basic principles of ultrasound, both physical and the use of instrumentation.
  2. Theoretical and practical teaching for the diagnosis of pathology in vascular access, guidance in complex puncture and flow measurement. Ultrasound practices will be performed in patients with normal, pathological or complex puncture AVF.
  3. Teaching the anatomy of the jugular and femoral territory in a human model and ecodirectional puncture in simulation models (human torso, biological and synthetic models).
  4. VIRTUAL REALITY and ENHANCED REALITY training is introduced. It will be used both as a teaching complement in the theoretical classes and for use by the student in the practices. The student will have the opportunity to make a total immersion in:

a) The arterial and venous vascular anatomy for the creation of vascular access.
b) Approach to ultrasound exploration in presurgical mapping and ultrasound follow-up of arteriovenous fistula
c) Vascular anatomy of the cervical vascular territory for catheter placement
d) Approach of ultrasound examination and puncture for the placement of catheters