The Home Hospitalization Unit (HAD Unit) of Parc Taulí takes care of medical processes (infectious, oncological, etc.) and surgical (complex post-surgical care), with or without chronic pathology, which are derived by admission from primary care, residences, emergencies, outpatient clinics, day hospitals, conventional hospitalization plants or the Ambulatory Surgical Center.

one of the profiles in which benefit has been most demonstrated of this modality is that of patients suffering from comorbidity in most cases linked to conditions chronicles.

The Unit consists of 4 own doctor-nurse teams on the morning shift (one admission assessment team and three assistance teams) and 1 intermediate care doctor-nurse team. The afternoon shift consists of 3 nurses who are dedicated to surgical patients and the day hospital activity at home. All this allows you to have up to 60 virtual beds: 40 for medical patients (morning shift) and 20 for surgical patients with complex care (afternoon shift).


Coordinator of the Home Hospitalization Unit

Abel Mujal Martinez