The specialty of Endocrinology and Nutrition deals with the pathology of the hormonal systems, the metabolic alterations and the disorders that affect the nutritional state. It is therefore a specialty not dedicated to a single organ or system. It has fields of action that limit and at the same time partially overlap with almost all other medical and surgical specialties.

Endocrinology includes care for diseases with a very high prevalence, which may illustrate the following:

- It is estimated that 30% of those born in the western countries in the year 2000 will have diabetes. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has released the following data in 2013: There are no 382 million people with diabetes in the world, of whom 46% are still undiagnosed. The European Parliament made a written statement in January 2006 emphasizing, inter alia, that:

  • Diabetes affects more than 25 million European citizens and more than 60 million are at risk.
  • The cost of treating diabetes complications is 5-10% of the total healthcare cost.
  • It calls on the Commission to prioritize diabetes health strategies, to develop a prevention and treatment plan and to encourage its members to make a national diabetes plan.

The actual prevalence of type 2 diabetes in Spain in adults is 13,8%, according to the study 'This e-mail address is being protected from robots spam.Necessites Javascript enabled to view it.'that was realized in the year 2011.

- Theobesity considered by WHO to be a worldwide epidemic, it is one of the greatest health challenges of the 80st century. Its prevalence has tripled in many countries in Europe since the 2's, and the proportions continue to grow at an alarming rate, especially among children. Obesity accounts for 8-10% of health costs and 13-28% of deaths in the European region. In Spain, obesity has a prevalence of 3%, meaning that it affects almost one in XNUMX people.

- Diseases of the thyroid gland they are very common, especially in women. The most common alterations are hypothyroidism and the presence of nodules.

Medical care in the field of endocrinology and nutrition is making significant strides that must improve the prognosis and quality of life of our patients, especially those suffering from diabetes. The growth of the therapeutic arsenal, the advent of technology and the advances in biology put us at an exciting time.

The Endocrinology and Nutrition Service of the Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí has ​​a human potential and resources that, together with the support of other departments, must allow us to offer our population assistance at the highest level.

Director of the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service

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Mercedes Rigla Cross