The main mission of the Pharmacy Service is to provide the appropriate medicines according to the criteria of safety, efficacy and efficiency to add value to the pharmacotherapeutic process of patients.

It is accredited by ISO 9001: 2015 standards in all its areas: dispensing to inpatients and outpatients, pharmaceutical care, pharmacotechnics, clinical trials and teaching.

Our service works for the implementation of a work model based on the quality of the services provided, firmly committed to the integration of technology in the work dynamics of the organization, stimulating and strengthening the teaching system of all service professionals, and trying to consolidate the model of pharmaceutical care based on the figure of clinical pharmacists dedicated to specific areas of knowledge.

The Pharmacy Service has a quality policy document available for consultation.


Director of the Pharmacy Service

Photo by Mònica Gómez Valent

Mònica Gómez Brave