The Gynecology and Obstetrics Service of the Sabadell Hospital is part of the Women's and Children's Care area, one of the most emblematic of Parc Taulí.

Our raison d'être is to be at the service of women, as well as to remain a reference center for obstetric and gynecological care.

Our values ​​are to guarantee excellence in care, empowering the multidisciplinary teams that work with and for women as the center of the care process. We ensure the quality of human treatment of women and their families.

Our Service is part of a highly specialized hospital ready to attend high and low risk parties, with extensive experience in training doctors and midwives. It is also one of the first reference centers for the care of natural birth in Catalonia.

The philosophy of our delivery room is to monitor the entire delivery process in a respectful way by a professional and human team, enjoying all the necessary resources to guarantee the comfort and safety of the woman and her future son.

Given the complexity of the knowledge, we have opted for subspecialization, organizing ourselves into two interdependent areas such as Perinatology - pregnancy control, childbirth and postpartum care - and Gynecology, with all its specialized units. We never fail to understand woman, however, as a unique being and to be treated as such.

We are a service with the maximum commitment with the continuous training of the professionals, the research and the teaching. We are actively involved in undergraduate and graduate teaching, teaching classes and seminars at the University. We have extensive experience in training professionals, doctors and midwives, having obtained accreditation as a Multiprofessional Teaching Unit in Gynecology and Obstetrics.

On this website you will find a description of the different Units that make up the Service. We also invite you to visit our website "Born in the Parc Taulí".

All our team welcome you.

Director of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service

Photograph by Yolanda Canet Estévez

Yolanda Canet Estevez